IntPlot is a program for plotting different ED intensity functions produced by UNEX.

Binaries of IntPlot are bundled with respective versions of UNEX which can be found on the Downloads page.

IntPlot v1.6-747. Changing style for experimental sM(s) to lines with points and type of points.

intplot --curves 3-1 --data sms --no-grid --no-ytics --no-x2tics --no-y2tics --style_sms=3 --ptype_sms=3 unex.out

IntPlot v1.6-580. No legend by default. New options --curves and --data allow to avoid using --cread, --ccombine, --dread and --dcombine with equal arguments. Thus, the entire command shortens to

intplot --curves 4-1,4-2,5-1,5-2 --data int,bgl --png intplot2.png unex.out

IntPlot v1.6-535. Experimental sM(s) are with error bars, on the bottom are residuals on the filled areas corresponding to errors. Errors are three times standard deviations.

intplot --cread 1-5,2-5 --ccombine 1-5,2-5 --dread sms,tsms,dsms,smss --dcombine sms,tsms,dsms,smss --no-legend --no-grid --no-x2tics --no-y2tics --elw=1.0 --smserrbars --smsef=3.0 --dsmslerrfill --png intplot1.png unex.out