UNEX Molecular Viewer (UMV) is a program for fast and easy visualization of molecular structures produced by UNEX.

Additionally UMV can visualize structures in the following formats


Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5

Development activity

2022-10-29:  Servers changed in install
2022-10-28:  Manual updated
2022-10-21:  Updated docs
2022-09-23:  Fixed reading the number of atoms in MOL files
2022-09-23:  Fixed reading of dummy atoms in MOL files
2022-09-22:  Implemented reading of MDL Mol files
2022-08-28:  Use explicit format for build date
2022-08-27:  Added logvl cl flag
2022-08-26:  More refined catching of exceptions
2022-08-26:  Reimplemented Win/Release build


Read the latest manual in PDF or HTML formats.


Get latest versions of UMV from the Downloads page.